Sunglasses Waterloo

Waterloo Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement. Their primary purpose is to protect your eyes and the skin around them from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.

Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses in Waterloo

Extended exposure to the sun's UV rays is associated with major eye disorders such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis.

  • Cataracts: Can be caused by excessive exposure to UV rays. Sunglasses protect your eyes against ultraviolet rays.
  • Macular Degeneration: Sunglasses shield from the solar spectrum against blue-light and UV, which may increase the risk of macular degeneration
  • Photokeratitis: This is a condition of the eye caused by UV exposure which is painful and causes blurred vision and sensitivity to light.
  • Polarized Sunglasses reduce the sun's glare resulting in improved vision eliminating squinting and enhancing comfort.
Waterloo Sunglasses

We Take Pride in Our Frames & Lenses

Brands We Offer

No matter what budget a person is working with, we have brands that are among the most recognizable in the world. With more than 40 different brand options to choose from, a person can find something in the exact style they are looking for. We are constantly stocking the newest lines from these brands, giving customers a chance to look and feel their best every single day.

Free Adjustments and Repairs

With all sunglasses (as well as other eyewear), we offer free adjustments and minor repairs at any time. A person does not need an appointment, as there is someone available during business hours to assist at all times.

Wearing sunglasses daily can create a need for adjustments from time to time, as well as repairs. It could be something as simple as accidentally sitting on a pair of sunglasses, or dropping them at the worst time. Properly fitted sunglasses are going to provide the most protection possible, and also feel comfortable on the face. This will encourage people to wear sunglasses often, which is always encouraging for overall eye health.

Attempting to fix sunglasses without knowledge can put them at risk of breaking. Even the most durable sunglasses out there can only take so much stress when pulling or pushing certain areas. Our staff has the tools necessary to make quick, safe repairs that reduce the chances of any additional issues popping up.

Why Prescription Sunglasses?

It is very challenging for people to find comfortable, stylish sunglasses that go over existing eyeglasses. For those situations, it makes more sense to purchase prescription sunglasses instead. It is a great way to still get the same quality eye protection from harmful rays, without nearly the same amount of hassle.

Prescription sunglasses are more affordable than ever and easy for our lab to set up. Walking away with standard eyewear and prescription sunglasses can provide many with everything they need to see in any environment. Some of our brands will offer deals when buying two pairs together, passing even more savings along to the customer.