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How To Clean Eyeglasses

It is necessary to clean your eyeglasses daily to keep them in good shape and last longer. As an eyeglass wearer, you’re most likely to know how annoying it is to have grease and smudges stock on to your lenses. Not only would you not be able to see clearly due to blur, you could also develop eyestrain and headaches.

Eyeglasses need to be cleaned lightly every day on a regular basis. It’s also important to clean them thoroughly every week or so, depending on your work environment and hygiene. The most contaminated areas of the eyeglasses are the nose pads, the bridge and the temple tips, hence complete thorough cleaning is immensely necessary.

Eyeglasses that are not regularly cleaned may cause bacteria to grow on them. Growing germs, especially on the nose and eyelids, poses a risk of infection. It’s proven that some dangerous bacteria can grow on filthy eyewear causing serious infections.

So, How do you clean your glasses?

Supplies You’ll Need To Clean Your Glasses

Eyeglass Cleaner:

Also called Anti-reflection cleaner or short AR cleaner. Make sure the eyeglass cleaner you use is labelled safe for anti-reflection coating. Eyeglass cleaners are readily available in almost all optical stores and pharmacies. Don’t clean your lenses when they’re dry. You will scratch the lenses in no time.

Microfiber Cloth:

Microfiber cloth is the safest and the most efficient cloth to clean your lenses without the worry of scratching your lenses. Microfiber cleaning cloth need to be washed frequently. They are going to get dirty and smudge up your lenses. Wash them with dish soap and make sure you rinse them thoroughly with enough water. If your cloth is laundry safe, you can machine wash it.

Disposable eyeglass wet wipes:

Only use wipes that are labelled safe for anti-reflection coating. Wet wipes have a shelf life, make sure you don’t buy an already dyed out box.

How To Clean Eyeglasses Daily (and Lightly)

Make your eyeglass cleaning a daily routine when you start your day. Make sure you repeat it as needed over the course of the day. For daily cleaning, you only need a microfiber cloth and an eyeglass cleaner or a disposable eyeglass wet wipe.


1. Spray your eyewear lenses with eyeglass cleaner on both sides. If your eyeglasses are dusty, make sure to use lots of cleaning solution to flush away the debris, making sure the lenses are not getting scratched. Avoid cleaning your lenses when they’re dry. You’re going to scratch your lenses very quickly.

2. After spraying, wipe off the AR cleaner with a microfiber cloth. Fold the cloth on both sides of each lens and make gentle circular movements using your fingertips, as shown. After the lenses have been cleaned, use the same microfiber cloth to clean the rest of the frame, including the nose pads, the bridge and the earpieces. Do not use paper towels, tissues or any paper products on your lenses to avoid scratching your lenses. Don’t use your T-shirt because you might scratch your lenses.

Using disposable eyeglass wet wipes

When using wet wipes, make sure you give your glasses a gentle blow to clear any dust from your lenses to make sure you don’t scratch your lenses.

Open a wet wipe, fold the cloth over both sides of each lens, and make gentle circular motions using your fingertips. Wet cloths tend to dry easily when used. Make sure you don’t keep wiping your lenses when they’re dry. This may scratch your lenses. After cleaning both lenses make sure to clean the rest of the frame using the same wet wipe.

How to Clean Your Glasses Weekly (Thoroughly)

Work environment and hygiene play an important role in how often you need to clean your eyewear thoroughly. Some work conditions require more frequent cleaning than others.

Instructions to clean your glasses weekly:

1. Wash your hands before cleaning your eyewear so that you don’t transfer germs from your hands to your eyeglasses.

2. Run your eyeglasses under warm tap water to get rid of any dust and hard particles that might scratch your lenses. Make sure you rotate your glasses to clean both sides, the frame and earpieces. The use of hot water is not good for your eyeglasses for it can harm the lenses, the coatings and also the frame.

3. Put a small drop of lotion-free dishwasher detergent on both lenses. Rub your fingertips over both sides of the lenses to latter the soap and continue your work to clean the frame, the nose pads, and the earpieces. Use cotton swab for frames that are hard to reach under the nose pads with your fingertips.

4. Rinse your glasses thoroughly under warm tap water to wash away any soap residue. Be aware, any remaining soap residue will cause smudges on your lenses.

5. Shake off excess water from your eyeglasses by giving your glasses a careful shake.

6. Dry your eyeglasses using a clean microfiber cloth. Fold the cloth over both sides of each lens, and make gentle circular motions using your fingertips to dry and clean your lenses. Continue to dry the frame, the nose pads and the earpieces.

7. If needed repeat the steps again to make sure that your eyeglasses are clean and disinfected.

How to Safely Store Eyeglasses After Washing

Always store your eyeglasses in its case when you aren’t using them. Your eyeglasses should either be on the face or in the case. Try not to throw your eyewear in your purse, bag or glove-compartment.

When you need to set your eyeglasses down on a hard surface, avoid scratching the lenses. Make sure to place your eyeglasses face up when they’re folded and upside down when they’re unfolded.

Maintaining Good Habits

  • Do not use products that contain acetone, on your eyeglasses
  • Do not spray alcohol directly to your eyeglasses
  • Do not use hair spray while wearing your eyewear. Make sure you take eyeglasses off and place them away where you are hair spraying. Preferably store them in a different room.
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