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Serving Elmira With Quality Eye Exams & Glasses

With limited options in Elmira, our eyeglasses store in Waterloo, Ontario is a top choice for many. We are just a short drive away from Elmira, offering a large variety of options for any type of style and look. We understand that many are looking for a great in-person shop that provides affordable prices, expert assistance, and fast turnaround times. We do everything possible to assist customers with the best experience possible as they pick out their new look.

Serving the Elmira, ON Market

Located roughly 15 kilometres north of Waterloo, many people from Elmira travel down to Waterloo for numerous needs. There are more options in the bigger city, and most make the commute at least weekly into the city.

Our extended coverage allows us to serve many people in the region well outside of Waterloo. We are fully capable of serving anyone with an existing prescription at Premier Optical. We also have an optometrist that accepts new patients in need of an annual eye exam. After getting the exam, many customers have prescriptions that can be filled the same day in our store.

We keep all of our customers in mind who are dealing with busy schedules. Since some of our customers travel a good distance to visit us, we make sure that everyone is in and out in as short of time as possible. We also strive to stay on time with all appointments, reducing waiting room times as much as possible. Our large, open showroom area allows people to explore different options while they are waiting.

Phone: 519-888-1919
Fax: 519-888-1933
Email: info@premieroptical.ca

330 Phillip St.
Waterloo, On, N2L-3W9
ICON building

FREE PARKING: Behind building, thru arch (left lot)


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Serving Elmira With Quality Eye Exams & Glasses

Eye Exams

Before purchasing any corrective lenses, all customers must have a valid prescription from an optometrist. We accept any eye exam results from other optometrists, and we also have an optometrist option in store for those in need. After getting an eye exam, customers can walk over to our selection and start picking out options. Prescriptions are filled the same day, or in special cases, as quickly as possible.

It is recommended that adults have an eye exam at least every two years. Those with diabetes should get one each and every year. An eye prescription lasts for two years in Canada. If a person at any times feels as though they are struggling to see, making an eye appointment as soon as possible can provide the most up-to-date prescription possible.

Lenses & Glasses for those in Elmira

Our goal is to offer a true go-to eyewear solution for customers. Many people come in for either prescription glasses or contact lenses, but we offer prescription and non-prescription sunglasses for protection as well. Protecting the eyes from the sun while outdoors can prove to be extremely important for many who are trying to stay as safe as possible.

With every purchase, customers also have the opportunity to take advantage of free repairs and adjustments. We always have someone in the office ready to help with small problems that occur during daily use. Taking the time for an adjustment makes wearing glasses for long hours much more comfortable overall. This is a service that does not require an appointment for smaller issues, as a person can pop in and get a fix quickly.

Finally, our one-hour lab services are perfect for people living down the street, or far away in other surrounding towns. It all comes down to quality lens manufacturing when setting up a new pair of glasses. We are efficient with lab services, but also focused on quality. This keeps customers from having to come back. We have a wide range of available prescriptions on-site at any time, which increases the chances of a seamless one-hour lab service.

To reach us directly, give us a call at 519.888.1919. We are open six days a week and conveniently located in the ICON Building.

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